python IIS cgi working but loading extremely slow

smartin smartinham at
Thu Jan 27 09:37:36 EST 2005

python IIS cgi loading extremely slow

I recently uninstalled python 1.5.2 and installed python 2.3 on a
Windows 2000 server running IIS 5.0. The issue is that when submitting
a cgi request to a python script, it takes about 1 minute to process
the python (2.3 code) and load the page on this particular server.
Running a simple "print hi" script takes at least a minute. I have
tested the uninstall and reinstall on a test Windows 2000 server and
did not have any performance issues. I have tried the uninstall and
reinstall twice, including removing all registry entries of the
previous 1.5.2 python install.
I have reverted back to python 1.52 and my 1.5.2 code and it runs
slower than it did before the uninstall but not as slow as the 2.3.4

Has anyone every experienced this issue with speed?

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