What's the best python web-developer's editor

andy andy at wild-flower.co.uk
Thu Jan 20 13:47:53 EST 2005

Anybody like to comment on which editor they use for python web app 
development - for both discrete and mixed python and html code,  and why?

I'm comfortable with IDLE (used it for years) but of course it lacks ftp 
or webDAV abilities, obviously because it's not intended for that type 
of use.

I've had a look at Screem - and that seems to do python syntax 
highlighting, but it dosn't seem to be python syntax aware (unless 
there's a hidden option somewhere).  Although I can live without auto 
indent, I'd rather not...

I'm sure emacs, xemacs, vi, elvis and so on can do the same, but I have 
no experience with them for  heavy python or html coding, nor the time 
to trip off down a blind-alley to find out!  I know Enough Vi To Get 
By(tm) but it's by no means my favourite editor.  Emacs is a complete 
mystery to me.

I guess I *could* use IDLE and Screem together, but that's a clunky 

all opinions greatfully received,

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