seperating GUI from other code + reports

flupke flupke at
Thu Jan 13 08:08:33 EST 2005


i need to develop an app here which will be used to produce stats.
I'm going to go with twisted pb for the client server communication.
And wxPython for the GUI.

Now i would want to split the GUI code from the pb code to make 
debugging easier amongst other things but i'm not sure how i would best 
implement the communication of between the GUI and the client.
Do i also use pb for it? But then i would end up with the problems that 
some users have reported here that wxPython and pb have.
This would look like this, where GUI and CLIENT are off course on the
same machine.

GUI     pb      CLIENT     pb       SERVER
    <----------->      <----------->

1) Any thoughts about this or other methods of doing this or reason why 
i should not bother with this setup?

2) I will display the results of the query in a list of grid on the 
client. But then the users are going to want to print the results.
Are there any tools that provide a way of printing queries or that 
provide a mechanism to build reports based on tables?
The easiest way i can do it now is to make a html of the results and
then opening a browser with that html page using popen.
Any other ideas?


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