python without OO

Jarek Zgoda jzgoda at
Tue Jan 25 17:03:04 EST 2005

Davor wrote:

> Is it possible to write purely procedural code in Python, or the OO
> constructs in both language and supporting libraries have got so
> embedded that it's impossible to avoid them?

Sure, but you will got problem with libraries. Some of them are in fact 
frameworks and need some subclassing or other OO fluff.

 > Also, is anyone aware of
> any scripting language that could be considered as "Python minus OO
> stuff"? (As you can see I'm completely new to Python and initially
> believed it's a nice&simple scripting language before seeing all this
> OO stuff that was added in over time)

Icon, the language for OO haters.

May I ask why you do you hate OO so much?

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