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Eric Brunel eric_brunel at
Mon Jan 3 10:23:21 EST 2005

Philippe C. Martin wrote:
> Hi,
> I have the following convern: I have Tkinter applications that require a zoom 
> box, and have had the following behavior without changing a line of code:
> 1) Mandrake 10.0/KDE 3.2/Python 2.3: no zoom box 
> 2) Mandrake 10.0/KDE 3.2/Python 2.4: zoom box shows
> 3) Mandrake 10.1/KDE 3.3/Python 2.4: no zoom box
> 4) Mandrake 10.1/Gnome 2.6/Python 2.4: zoom box shows
> I know that sounds strange, but I am fairly certain this is what happened.
> Is there a way to _force_ that zoom box ?

What do you call a "zoom box"? There's no widget with this name in "regular" 
Tkinter widgets, so it must be built with some other one... Which one is it? A 
button, a menubutton, or what else?

If you had some (simple) code showing the problem, that would also help a lot to 
understand what's going on...
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