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grahamd at grahamd at
Thu Jan 6 05:10:11 EST 2005

Anand wrote:
> A list of contributors to Python Cookbook (Second Edition) is
> at the following links. Original list courtesy Alex Martelli.
> Since the book is not yet in print, the lists are still tentative
> because of potential last minute editing changes.
> List of first authors
> o
> List of all authors
> o

Is this mean't to only cover additional entries which were added in
the 2nd edition, or is it also mean't to encompass entries which were
carried over from the 1st edition as well.

If it is both, then the editing must have been quite cut throat as I
dropped from 3 entries in the 1st edition to 0 in the 2nd edition.

I can sort of understand if the intent was to get rid of entries which
referenced packages which weren't regarded as mainstream. I guess
it is only 14 years of work down the drain. ;-(

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