The next Xah-lee post contest

Arthur ajsiegel at
Sun Jan 30 07:51:08 EST 2005

On Sat, 29 Jan 2005 15:41:00 +0100, PA <petite.abeille at>

>On Jan 29, 2005, at 15:32, rbt wrote:
>> Unix donkey! You not elegant. You have poor design.
>> Sloppy Perl monkey! You be lazy! You code very very bad.
>> Xah know all!
>Follow The True Path, follow The Xah Way To Enlightenment:
>"The Unix Pestilence"

Not sure how Xah got himself into all this.  When I actually read the
substance of Xah's articles like the one referenced above, and ignore
the stuff in Red, I don't find it all that bizarre - or uninformative.
He links to substantive resources.  He has postive things to say about
lots of things, including Python.

Guess I am prejudiced by the fact that I have always enjoyed his plane
curve pages, and after David Eppsteins Geometry Junkyard and a few
others, consider it one of the more interesting web resources in
respect to geometry.  I knew of him for this, well before I knew of
him as the Usenet character he is.

Wish he would do himself the favor of better separating he various
"interests".  One can google on "plane curves", and the first hit will
be Xah's site. I certainly find it interesting and well done.

On the other hand, if one goes by way of his home page, one is greeted
first with a vitriolic message expressing a sentiment not all that
uncommon but not very relevant to the substance of much of what is to
be found at the site.

Oh well.


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