Threading Or Other Suggestions?!?

andrea.gavana at andrea.gavana at
Fri Jan 14 05:44:39 EST 2005

Hello NG,

      I have a wxPython application that does a lot of things. One of them,
in particular, I have doubts on how to implement it. Essentially, this part
of my application calls an external executable (an oil reservoir
simulator). What I would like to do, is to give the user the possibility to
run more than 1 simulation at the same time. This means:

1) Writing the executable "data file" needed by the simulator
2) Run the executable file (and wait until completion)
3) Examine the simulation results

For this, I was thinking about threads... does anyone have other/better
suggestion(s)? Does anyone see any difficulty/memory problems in using

Thanks to you all for every suggestion.


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