python without OO

Timo Virkkala a at a.invalid
Thu Jan 27 03:32:37 EST 2005

Davor wrote:
> Timo Virkkala wrote:
>> This guy has got to be a troll. No other way to understand.
> not really - it was not my intention at all - but it seems people get 
> upset whenever this OO stuff is mentioned - and what I did not expect at 
> all at this forum as I believed Python people should not be so OO 
> hardcore (seems not all as quite a few have indicated in their 
> replies)... Nevertheless, I think the discussion has several quite good 
> points!

Yes, sorry about that. I posted too soon. After posting I read more of your 
posts and realized that you really mean it, so I tried to cancel my message, but 
apparently it got through (news message canceling has never been that reliable..).

I believe that if you take the time to do some Python programming, you can find 
out that OO, when used correctly, is not the huge monster your previous 
languages had led you to believe it is. In Python, you can use just the right 
amount of OO to make things easier and more sensible, without complicating 
things with huge inheritance trees and unnecessary polymorphism.

Again, sorry about my premature judgement.

Timo Virkkala

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