python without OO

Neil Benn benn at
Wed Jan 26 12:01:47 CET 2005

Davor wrote:

>Is it possible to write purely procedural code in Python, or the OO
>constructs in both language and supporting libraries have got so
>embedded that it's impossible to avoid them? Also, is anyone aware of
>any scripting language that could be considered as "Python minus OO
>stuff"? (As you can see I'm completely new to Python and initially
>believed it's a nice&simple scripting language before seeing all this
>OO stuff that was added in over time)

          Yes you can, that is a benefit and flaw of python in that you 
can mix up procedural and OO code, it allows for simple solutions - 
however it also allows for you to create all kinds of havoc.  IMHO, 
there would have to be a very very small task to require procedural 
code.  Especially if the code is gonna be open sourced (and presumably 
built upon) you will benefit from a proper design so that it can be 
developed and moved on in the future.

     One other thing, if your developers are proposing deep inheritance 
trees in _any_ language then they are designing incorrectly.  In none of 
the languages I code in would I design a deep inheritance tree, the deep 
inheritance tree is a fault of the designer not the language (for 
example Java does not force you to design deep inheritance trees!) - 90% 
of the time.  I say this because you do need to be aware of the 
'mythical python wand' which will turn you from a bad programmer into a 
good programmer simply by typing 'class Klass(object):'.

    Rather than reading a GOF book, I'd pick up an introduction to OO 
programming book to take a refresher course - you thank yourself!!

Language without OO at all - what about Logo - drive that little 
tortoise around!!



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