ANN: cElementTree 0.9.8 (january 23, 2005)

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Sun Jan 23 10:29:38 EST 2005 proudly presents release 0.9.8 of the cElementTree library,
a fast and very efficient implementation of the ElementTree API, for
Python 2.1 and later.  On typical documents, it's 15-20 times faster
than the Python version of ElementTree, and uses 2-5 times less

Here are some benchmark figures, using a number of popular XML tool-
kits to parse a 3405k document-style XML file from disk:

    library                     memory  time
    amara                       20300k  6.4s
    minidom (python 2.4)        53000k  1.4s
    ElementTree 1.2.4           14500k  1.1s
    cDomlette                   20500k  0.54s
    pyRXPU                      10850k  0.175s
    libxml2                     16000k  0.098s
    cElementTree 0.9             4900k  0.047s
    readlines (read as utf-8)    8850k  0.093s
    readlines (read as ascii)    5050k  0.032s

This release also includes a new "iterparse" mechanism, which can be
used to process the tree as it is being built.  While not quite as
fast as a full parse, it's over 4 times faster than Python's standard
SAX interface, and even a bit faster than sgmlop.

The library is available as C source code, and as Windows installers
for all recent Python versions.  Get your copy here:

The cElementTree module uses some support functions from the standard
ElementTree library, and will not work properly without it.  If you
haven't installed it already, you can get it from:

enjoy /F

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