Freeze with wxpython on python 2.3 or python 2.4 on Win32 with Thread

Tsubasa[Hokage] sylvain.pasquet at
Wed Jan 26 09:16:50 EST 2005

first problem:

With Idle environnement under Win32, all freeze after with bunch of

import threading,time

class T (threading.Thread) :
    def __init__(self,_a,_b) :
        self.a = _a
        self.b = _b
    def run(self) :
        print "T(%d,%d)"%(self.a,self.b)
        print "T(%d,%d)=>%d"%(self.a,self.b,self.a+self.b)
        return self.a+self.b

t = T(3,5)

All freeze when sleep command are execute.
Second part of this problem, I have a GUI in wxpython, when I create
new thread i can't write new data in widget like a multibox when i am
in a thread :( but i can retrieve data ( GetValue works but SetValue
freeze ).


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