Command line and GUI tools : need a single threading solution

Adrian Casey news at
Wed Jan 12 06:25:43 EST 2005

Adrian Casey wrote:

> Diez B. Roggisch wrote:
>>> I'm thinking it may be possible to modify the command line tools to use
>>> qt
>>> threads instead of native python threads.  Is this the way to go?  Are
>>> there other options?
>> Why don't you use python threads in qt - I do so and so far it didn't
>> make any troubles for me. And I would strongly advise against using
>> qthreads with your commandline-tools, as these then would only run on
>> machines where pyqt is installed - which opens a small part of
>> "dependency hell" for your users.
> I have a QThread which polls a queue object via queue.get().  The command
> line tools spawn a number of threads each of which writes its output to
> this queue using queue.put().  As soon as the gui gets something off the
> queue, it creates a QCustomEvent and sets the data property with the data
> read from the queue.  My application has a customEvent() method which
> reads the data item from the customEvent and processes it accordingly.
> The odd thing is, I have a non-threaded version of the command line tools
> which work 100% with the gui.  The multi-threaded version of the command
> line tools all work OK at the console - just not with the gui.
> I will try your suggestion and replace my QCustomEvent mechanism with a
> plain python queue.
I tried replacing the QThread part with native python threads and, although
it worked for a few minutes, I started to see XWindow errors and my
application would then crash.

On Phil Thompson's advice, I updated PyQt and sip.  The problem appears to
be fixed.


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