Excel module for Python

Neil Benn neil.benn at arcor.de
Wed Jan 12 20:43:04 CET 2005

sam wrote:

> Simon Brunning wrote:
>> On Wed, 12 Jan 2005 15:18:09 +0800, sam <sam.wun at authtec.com> wrote:
>>> I m wondering which Excel module is good to be used by Python?
>> If you are on Windows, and you have Excel, then the Python for Windows
>> extensions[1] are all you need to drive Excel via COM. O'Reilly's
>> "Python Programming on Win32" covers COM scripting extensively - and
>> by good fortune, driving Excel is the example they use, and the COM
>> scripting chapter is on-line[2].
>> You'll also need to know the objects and methods that Excel exposes.
>> These are documented on Microsoft's web site[3], or in the Excel VBA
>> help, which is an optional part of they Office installation.
> No, I don't use MS windows. I need to generate Excel file by printing 
> data to it, just like Perl module Spreadsheet::WriteExcel.
> thanks
> Sam


          If you can use jython then there is something that does this 
in java - it's called POI (search for POI HSSF Excel) in google.  If you 
can't use jython and are desperate then you could set up a 
WebService/cgi/<insert your favourite cross language client/server 
architecture> and send the information back and forth.  I spose you can 
do this with perl as well (don't know any perl so this bit is only a 

    However the last time I looked (about a year ago) POI does have 
limitations with excel  graphs.



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