Python serial data aquisition

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Flavio codeco coelho wrote:

> mfuhr at (Michael Fuhr) wrote in message news:<41e1b833$1_3 at>...
>>If the actual byte and/or bit order is different then you'll have
>>to modify the expression, but this should at least give you ideas.
> Thanks Michael and Steve,
> I'll put your Ideas to the test ASAP, meanwhile, could you point me to
> references to these bit operations in Python? I am new to this stuff,
> and might need to do more of this to support other hardware...
> I havent been able to find anything about this on the python
> documentation..
> Thanks a lot!!
> Flavio

ord() is documented in section 2.1 of the library reference manual 
(Built-in Functions) - see for further 

Bitstring operations are at

Hope this helps.

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