The next Xah-lee post contest

Steve lonetwin at
Sat Jan 29 14:35:55 CET 2005

Hi All,
      For sometime now, I have just been a passive lurker on this
list. Of late I saw an increase in the number of posts by Xah Lee, and
I have to admit, what he lacks in understanding of the various
programming languages he talks about, he makes up for in creativity.
So, I was wondering, how would it be to be Mr Lee. That got me
thinking of his next post. Well, I know through my days of lurking
around, a lot of people here love creative challenges here's one
for you. Write up the next Xah Lee post ! The requirement are:
a) The post should talk about a single language, although the example
code needn't adhere to that restriction.
b) It should explain the style, structure and design of some code
snippet/program, though not necessarily of the same code
snippet/program mentioned in the post.
c) Should be written in English ... respect to English grammar is not mandatory.
d) It *must* be flammable.

Here's my contribution (tho' I'm not really in my most creative frame of mind):

perl is fucked ! Its a language named with a word that can't even pass
through spell-checker. What kind of programming language has a scalar
variable but the array is not called vector is array. Also the
list comprehension feature of the language is entirely anal. Example

$list = { i for i in range(100) }
now is $list a function ?? No it's is an array .....

..phew, this is hard !! I'll have another go later. You are welcomed
to participate.


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