Zen of Python

Andrew Koenig ark at acm.org
Sat Jan 22 11:55:45 EST 2005

"Paul Rubin" <http://phr.cx@NOSPAM.invalid> wrote in message 
news:7xu0p9lk4h.fsf at ruckus.brouhaha.com...

> It's really irrelevant whether anyone is using a feature or not.  If
> the feature is documented as being available, it means that removing
> it is an incompatible change that can break existing code which
> currently conforms to the spec.  If the "feature" is described as the
> bug that it is, anything that relies on it is nonconformant.

In this case, I think the right solution to the problem is two-fold:

    1) from __future__ import lexical_comprehensions

    2) If you don't import the feature, and you write a program that depends 
    a list-comprehension variable remaining in scope, the compiler should
    issue a diagnostic along the lines of

        Warning: This program should be taken out and shot.

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