Ranting about the state of Python IDEs for Windows

AkioIto itoakya at yahoo.co.jp
Sat Jan 8 23:12:30 CET 2005

Carlos Ribeiro wrote:
> Oh well. A mailing list is not the most appropriate place for rants
> blog is better), but it's still better than keeping it for myself.
> I'm frustrated. My search for a good IDE to support my activities --
> doing development for Python in the Windows environment -- are not
> being succesful as I had originally dreamt. I have big constraints on
> what can I do now; money is not an option, and my current machine is
> still useful but it's below par for more advanced stuff. It's my
> fault? Probably. But it's all that I have -- a 500MHz PC with 64MB
> Win98 SE. It has to be Windows, for reasons beyond my control (read
> wife and kids :-).
Look at http://www.pspad.com/en/index.html.
Very good and smart editor for Python and other languages.
You even can set menu for brazillian portuguese! And it's free...
"A dica vem com um certo atrazo, mas espero que seja util".

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