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>I was thinking more of end-user packages: if you somehow could lay your 
>hands on the source code of Visual Studio itself, you're still not 
>allowed to do anything with it.

And why would anybody want to waste their time reading the 
source code of Visual Studio? ;-) 


No, honestly, after all most of the time what programmers learn
is just API. The very point of having libraries after all is not 
having to learn the low-level mechs of this thing, but just
using them in a push-button manner!

My boss read the C-tree code. I was programming reports 
and other "peripheral" stuff, so I never had to do it. I was
just using a subset of the C-tree functionality, and even that
was a very small subset actually. Now I'm sure that B-trees
used in there are a wonder of engineering - however, I simply
have other goals and not enough time to learn them to 
appreciate that.

Personally, I think that for most people the _direct_ benefits 
of access to source code are greatly exagerrated. I would
place much, much more emphasis on indirect, derived 
benefits of availability of source code. 

Yes, you CAN read the source code. But the point is, you

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and idealistically speaking, it's better to stand on the shoulders
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