python without OO

Fuzzyman fuzzyman at
Wed Jan 26 11:06:44 CET 2005

It's perfectly possible to write good python code without using
classes. (and using functions/normal control flow).

You will have a problem with terrminology though - in python everything
is an object (more or less). Common operations use attributes and
methods of standard objects.

For example :

> somestring = 'fish'
> if somestring.startswith('f'):
>     print 'It does'

The above example uses the 'startswith' method of all string objects.

Creating your own 'classes' of objects, with methods and attributes, is
just as useful.

You can certainly use/learn python without having to understand object
oreinted programming straight away. On the other hand, Python's object
model is so simple/useful that you *will* want to use it.


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