Python Operating System???

Roose b at b.b
Sat Jan 8 15:28:03 EST 2005

Well can you describe what kind of things you want to do exactly?

My guess is you are not out to develop a new algorithm for virtual memory or
task scheduling.

There are many parts to an OS shell.  An example is the command line, i.e.
bash and the like in Unix, and cmd.exe in Windows.  In Windows, Windows
Explorer could be considered part of the shell, as well as the start menu
and all that user-specific stuff.

Basically you need to pick your OS, and then find out what the API to
program the shell to would be.  e.g. in Windows you would do it with the
Win32 API.  This will let you do things like delete and create files,
interact with user structures, the registry, etc.

OR, as a first stab -- I would just write a prototype.  i.e., don't tie it
to a real OS.  Just pretend you have your own "users", your own "file
system", your own display space, etc.  This will help you get a much better
idea of what you want to do.

"David Brown" <david at> wrote in message
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> So how would I make an OS Shell?

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