encryption/decryption help

Philippe C. Martin philippecmartin at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jan 12 16:27:43 CET 2005

>>MD5 and SHA are by their very nature one way encryption. You cannot 
decrypt them.

Indeed, the point of these algorithms is to sign data (like a

In order to encrypt you may go for Symmetrical algos (AES, 3DES ....with
those, the key must be known on both sides of the pipe) or Asymmetrical
(RSA ... - where you get a private key on one side and a public key on
the other - good but slow).

Often you find hybrid methods: you start your session with a
public/private style method just to exchange a symmetrical key that
you'll use for the rest of the session.



Philippe C. Martin
SnakeCard LLC

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