Another scripting language implemented into Python itself?

Carl Banks invalidemail at
Tue Jan 25 12:39:16 EST 2005

Roy Smith wrote:
> "Carl Banks" <invalidemail at> wrote:
> > > Imbed
> > EMBED.
> My apologies for being sloppy.  And with an initial capital, so it
> jumps off the page at you :-)

Ok.  Prescriptive language isn't normally my cup of tea, but there's
always something.  And usually it's very silly.

> > > Python, or Perl, or TCL, or Ruby, or PHP,
> >
> > Not PHP.  PHP is one of the better (meaning less terrible) examples
> > what happens when you do this sort of thing, which is not saying a
> But, that's exactly my point.  To be honest, I've never used PHP.
> however bad it may be, at least it's got a few years of people fixing

> bugs, writing books, writing add-on tools, etc, behind it.  Better to

> use somebody else's well-known and well-supported mess of a scripting

> language than to invest several person-years inventing your own mess
> that's no better.

Well, if you look at it that way, I guess so.

My mindset was closer to "hacked-up quasi-languages are evil" than
"hacked-up quasi-languages are not worth the time to implement when
there are plenty of hacked-up quasi-languages already out there, not to
mention some real languages."


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