Working with recordsets

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Sat Jan 8 14:22:33 EST 2005

AdSR wrote:

> chema.rey at wrote:
>> Hi.
>> I have one recorset that I would like to pass to 2 functions, one is
>> for create an CSV file and the other one is to create a HTML file. The
>> problem is that the recordset is totally read in the first function,
>> and then when I pass it to the second funtion the recordset is in the
>> last record.
>> I've read docs, but I think that one cursor doesn't have something
>> like movefirst() method. Anybody have an idea to solve this?
>> Thank's.
> Try loading the whole recordset with the fetchall() method and use the 
> resulting sequence in your functions. It won't be memory-efficient but 
> it will be easy to do.
> AdSR

Or, if this doesn't suit, try creating two separate cursors from the 
same connection and execute the same query on each. There's some chance 
that your database driver/backend combination will optimize the queries 

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