Py2.4 .exe installer

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Mon Jan 24 07:44:18 EST 2005

Facundo Batista:

> The bigger problem I'm facing is that the "official" operating system
> installed in the PCs is Win NT 4.0, tweaked and restricted, and it's
> impossible to install the Microsoft package that enables the .msi as a
> installer.
> Result: they can not install Py24.msi.
> There's somewhere a Py24.exe installer?

you could of course install it on a W2K or WXP box, and zip it up (don't
forget the python24.dll under /windows/system32; you can copy it to the
\python24 directory before zipping it all).  copy, unzip, and you're done.

if you need to register the interpreter on the target machine (so you can install
extensions), use this little script:


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