Developing Commercial Applications in Python

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At Sunrise Software International, we build commercial applications for
Cabletron and the Florida DMV.  This was ~10 years ago; so no useful docs
available, but we had no problems with license.

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> > Hello All,
> > I am trying to convince my client to use Python in his new product. He
> > is worried about the license issues. Can somebody there to point me any
> > good commercial applications developed using python ?. The licence
> > clearly says Python can be used for commercial applications. Is there
> > any other implications like that of GPL to make the source open ?
> > Thanks for any help.
> > eeykay
> >
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> Shaw-PTI ( uses Python in their software.   See:
> and search "2004 PSS/E User Group
> Meeting"

Begging your pardon, but a better resource would be the brochure available
(  It appears that the
program was probably (originally) written in C/C++ (using MFC for the GUI),
and now employs Python for adding modules and scripting support.  Very
interesting stuff :)


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