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Robert Brewer fumanchu at
Sun Jan 23 01:34:30 EST 2005

Ali Polatel wrote:
> I want to ask you a question about python scripting.
> I want to know if I can design web-pages with python


> or at least write html files with python.


> and if I write html files with python and some CGI scripts
> and upload them to the web-page .. does the people who view
> those pages have to have python interpreters in their computers?


> Another question is ... I am writing a bot for a chess server
> in python and this bot should update a web-page when it gets
> some commands from the server. How can i make a programme update
> a web-page?

If the file is local:

open(filename, 'w').write(content)

If the file is remote and you need to upload it via ftp, check out the
ftplib module in the standard library, for starters.

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