snakespell and myspell

Fuzzyman fuzzyman at
Wed Jan 26 03:23:06 EST 2005

Jarek Zgoda wrote:
> Fuzzyman wrote:
> > I'm looking to implement a plugin spell checker.
> >
> > I'm probably going to go with PyEnchant, as it looks to be the most
> > promising currently maintained spell checker.
> >
> > I just wondered if anyone knew what happened to snakespell and
> > Both seem to have dissapeared from the net. People have reported
> > results from both - and it seems a shame to lose them.
> Well, myspell-python is no longer maintained, original author
> some time ago and I didn't found anybody who would like to take
> responsibility on this package. I provide myspell-1.0 download from
> project page at BerliOS (,
> I do not maintain this package.
> If you look for spell-checking library, I'd consider using python
> binding for aspell, available at
> (currently I'm
> rewriting my program to use python-aspell). This library is actively
> maintained and Wojtek Mula is active member of Polish Python

The problem with aspell is (as far as I can see anyway) that the
library you mention is aimed at aspell 0.50.5 or the up to date 0.60
series. aspell for windows is currently only at 0.50.3.

Hmmm.... I think I'll explore PyEnchant for the moment. I need to see
how easy it is to add words to a user dictionary.



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