building Python: up arrow broken on SuSE Linux 8.2

Erik Johnson spam at
Wed Jan 26 22:28:39 EST 2005

> Do you have the GNU readline library installed and within Python's
> reach (lib in LD_LIBRARY_PATH or in /etc/ with subsequent
> call of ldconfig)?

    I think you are on the right path. I later found an Apple article online
that answered essentially my question saying libreadline wasn't included on
the Apple Python distribution the OP was asking about.  I now notice this in
the output of configure:

checking for rl_pre_input_hook in -lreadline... no
checking for rl_completion_matches in -lreadline... no

    My system has /lib/   I guess it does not define
these newer functions and so that is why the readline module was not
configured in Setup to start with? That is the presumption I am working on.

    So I downloaded & built libreadline version 5.0.  I have libreadline.a
and shlib/ files. Having done Python & other scripting
languages for a while, I have sort of forgotten all the ugly details about C
compilation. I'm trying to figure out how to get Python2.3.4. statically
linked with the .a file and not muck with the system shared libraries and
let other applications fend for themselves. Any advice on how to statically
link in this library so the Python build is happy?


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> Erik Johnson schrieb:
> >     I am trying to upgrade my Python installation. After downloading
> > sources and building Python 2.3.4, I am unable to use the command
> > history editing feature in the interactive interpreter (where the
> > up-arrow would previously give you the last command line to edit,
> > it now just prints "^[[A".)
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