rotor replacement

Paul Rubin http
Thu Jan 20 02:01:56 EST 2005

bokr at (Bengt Richter) writes:
> Isn't the SSL dependent on OS or at least shared lib support?

Firefox has its own implementation.  IE uses wininet which is built
Windows.  I'm not aware of any no-crypto version of Windows but even
if there is one, the US version is running, like, everywhere.

> Wasn't there a default 40-bit version that was ok (weak), but you had
> to declare yourself US resident to download 128-bit support?

That was years ago.  The regulations changed since then, so they all
have 128 bits now.

> I dimly recall encountering this sort of thing installing Netscape
> a long time ago, I think. Is 128 just standard now? And now that 128
> is wobbly(?), will the same thing be replayed with the ante upped?

128 isn't wobbly.  It will be a long time before any machine can do
2**128 operations to break a message.

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