Python Operating System???

Arich Chanachai macrocosm at
Sun Jan 9 15:57:47 CET 2005

Roose wrote:

> ....
>It's a difference of degree, but an important difference.  I haven't looked
>at Linux or Windows NT source, but my guess is the assembly used is just
>small functions for accessing special CPU instructions for atomicity,
>context switching, and the like.
>I KNOW they don't have huge amounts of assembly simply because they run on
>different architectures.
>But are you really going to write a virtual memory system in Python?  Are
>you going to write a file system, and a task scheduler in Python?  Are you
>going to have people write device drivers in Python? 

> I'm not saying it
>can't be done, but it would be a poor engineering decision, and the
>rationale thus far seems to be "Python is cool, I like OSes, let's write a
>whole OS in Python".  If that's not the case then let me know what your
>rationale is.

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