Embedding a restricted python interpreter

Peter Maas peter at somewhere.com
Thu Jan 6 15:48:46 EST 2005

Jp Calderone schrieb:
>>But mod_python is an apache module and runs in the same apache process
>>with other users' scripts.
>   I am uncertain as to how this differs from mod_php (the alternative 
> discussed in the OP's story).  I've been away from PHP for a while, so 
> perhaps mod_php has gained some features of which I am unaware?

I think PHP has a safe mode which solves the probem of isolating
scripts of different users on application level. This is not optimal
but better than nothing. Best solution would probably be to create
a thread for each request that can operate only with the id of an
authenticated user. But this seems to be a problem with Apache or
with Linux?

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