Dabo 0.3 Released

Ed Leafe ed at leafe.com
Tue Jan 11 02:39:03 CET 2005

We are pleased to announce Dabo 0.3, the third major release of our 
data application framework. The Dabo framework is a true 3-tier design, 
with data access and UI code separated from your business logic. And 
since it's Python, and uses wxPython for its UI, it is completely 
cross-platform, having been tested on Linux, Windows and OS X.

Download from http://dabodev.com/download

This marks the first major release of Dabo since we changed the 
licensing of Dabo. It is now released under the MIT License, which 
gives you much more freedom to do what you want with the code. See 
http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.html for the exact terms 
of the license. It is our hope that this will remove any reservations 
that people may have had about working with GPL software, and as a 
result grow the user base of the framework.

Over the past few months we have gotten some wonderful feedback from 
people who are interested in our work and who are interested in a solid 
application framework for developing database apps. The framework is 
now very solid and reliable, and Dabo applications are being used 
daily. But there is still more we plan on adding, so like all 
pre-release software, use with caution.

Anyone interested in contributing to Dabo, or who just want to find out 
what it is all about is encouraged to join our mailing lists:
	dabo-users: for those interested in learning how to work with Dabo to 
create applications, and for general help with Dabo.   
	dabo-dev: for those interested in the ongoing development of Dabo. 
This list contains lots of lively discussion on design issues, as well 
as notices of all commits to the code repository.   

Here is a brief summary of what's new in Dabo 0.3:

Dabo Framework:
Support for PostgreSQL added in addition to existing support for MySQL 
and Firebird databases.

Improved unicode support in data cursors.

Support for fulltext searches added.

Child requeries and transaction support added to bizobj and cursor 

Several new controls have been added, including a window splitter and a 
grid-like list control.

The GridSizer has been added, making laying out of controls in a 
grid-like pattern a breeze. The API for all the sizers has been greatly 
simplified, too.

Menus have had wxPython-specific code removed, and are now much simpler 
to create and manage.

A 'Command Window' has been added to the base menu. This allows you to 
enter commands interactively in a running application, which makes 
debugging and testing so much simpler. Once you've developed an app 
with a Command Window at your disposal, you'll never want to develop 
without it!

And, of course, more bug fixes than we'd like to say!

Dabo IDE:
The appWizard has been moved from the Demo project to here, as well as 
the FieldSpecEditor. There is a new connection editor for visually 
setting up database connection information and storing it in an XML 

The appWizard can now generate parent/child/grandchild/... 
relationships. The FieldSpecEditor (for visually controlling the 
appearance and behavior of wizard-generated apps) has been greatly 
improved, with interactive ordering and live previews of changes.

The editor can now toggle word wrap, jump to any line in the file, and 
comment/uncomment blocks of code.

Dabo Demo:
There's now a MineSweeper game - written in Dabo, of course!

All of the other demos have been updated to work with the changes in 
the rest of the framework.

  Ed Leafe

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