IDLE Problem in Windows XP

Branden Smith sumitsu at
Thu Jan 20 17:31:12 EST 2005


I am a teaching assistant for an introductory course at Georgia Tech
which uses Python, and I have a student who has been unable to start
IDLE on her Windows XP Home Edition machine. Clicking on the shortcut
(or the program executable) causes the hourglass to appear momentarily
(and the process to momentarily appear in the process monitor), but
nothing happens thereafter.

Attempting to start IDLE from the script results in exactly the same
output described in this discussion, suggesting that a socket error
occurs, presumably for the Python loopback connection:

The potential solutions mentioned in the discussion have had no effect,
however. Obviously, something is preventing Python from establishing a
loopback socket connection, but after disabling firewall software,
antiviral software, and Windows's built-in firewall, the problem remains.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what might cause this problem? It shows
up with both Python 2.4 and 2.3. Version 2.2 works as it should.


Branden Smith .::. CS 1321 TA
sumitsu at

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