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Tue Jan 25 02:33:18 EST 2005

In article <41ed567c$0$6208$e4fe514c at>, irmen at -nospam- says...
> Altova Announcements wrote:
> > Altova Unveils .............
> [spam]
> Well now, I didn't like their products very much already,
> but this spam has certainly made them drop another few
> steps down on my scale. Hmpf.
> --Irmen

Yes. I find Altova's work to be high-quality but narrow-minded and 

An example: Though all of the marketing material for StyleVision extols 
its usefulness for arbitrary, free-standing forms and reports, the only 
HTML or PDF one can actually generate is restricted to a frustrating 
subset which Altova has decided is useful -- and "useful" to them means 
"already supported by the Altova Authentic front end".

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