Python-enterprise (integration) SIG/mailinglist/etc.?

Wolfgang Keller wolfgang.keller.nospam at
Fri Jan 21 16:51:01 CET 2005


Python seems to be used quite a lot for (the integration of) enterprise
applications. Just as an example, there are at least three (projects for
the implementation of) ERP systems in Python:

- GNUenterprise
- ERP5
- TinyERP

There are also a lot of different modules already available which supply
useful functionalities for (the integration of) enterprise applications,
such as PEAK, Twisted, OmniORBpy, Modeling, etc...

However, what seems to be missing is some kind of
coordination/communication resource and/or (link) repository for such
modules, so that one can find out easily what exists already, whether it
fits one's requirements and if not, where to find other people who would
participate in the implementation of what's missing.

So, here's the question: How about creating a

Such a group could also start standardisation for such things as a "Python
Messaging System", a "Python Component Model" and maybe (reference)
implementations could be included in the Python distribution some day (no I
don't think it should be called "PEE" :-).


Wolfgang Keller

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