COM on a network drive can't find pywintypes23.dll

Marco Aschwanden PPNTWIMBXFFC at
Mon Jan 31 03:58:54 EST 2005


I have installed Python (2.3.4) on a shared network drive. I use it to run  
a bunch of application on the workstations (Win2K).

Now I am running into the first problem ever. I try to use COM to generate  
a word-file. It runs fine on my machine (Python installed locally). When I  
deploy it and start the app on another workstation from the fileserver -  
it runs but as soon as it comes to the COM part it exits saying:

The procedure entry point  
?PyWinObject_AsDEVMODE@@YAHPAU_object@@PAPAU_devicemodeA@@H at Z could not be  
located in the dynamic link library pywintypes23.dll

Heck... I copied the files:


to about "1000" locations to make it run (Application's dir, Workstation's  
System Dirs, Fileserver's Python main and bin dir, ...). I tried setting  
the path on the workstations. But nothing seems to solve the problem.

Do you have any proposals how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance,


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