Concepts RE: Python evolution: Unease

Jeremy Bowers jerf at
Wed Jan 5 23:26:51 EST 2005

On Wed, 05 Jan 2005 12:15:29 +0300, Roman Suzi wrote:
> As for concepts, they are from Generic Programming  (by Musser and
> Stepanov) and I feel that Python is in position to implement them to the
> fullest extent. And IMHO it will be nicer than just Java-like interfaces
> or Eiffel's contract approach.
> I can try to write a PEP "Generic Programming Concepts".

I'd like to see this.

As corey says, sooner rather than later is good. Release Early, Release
Often :-)

I'm still skeptical on how *most* Generic Programming concepts are an
improvement, but while I don't know much about how "concepts" formally
work I know I like the name... and that's a start. I'd love to see my
skepticism proved wrong.

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