[Twisted-Python] Problem with Echoserver (TCP), Help!

SeSe sese at 263.net
Mon Jan 3 10:13:18 CET 2005

Thanks. I have disabled my firewall. But still failed.

It is a bit strange that echo server UDP works. Only TCP doesn't.


Kartic wrote:
> Hi,
> My experience with Twisted is also limited but let me try to help you.
> I tried the same combo as you and it worked well with the following
> responses:
> receive: Hello, world!
> receive: What a fine day it is.
> receive: Bye-bye!
> connection lost: Connection was closed cleanly.
> I am sure you started the server before the client.
> Do you have some firewall software installed that prevents the client
> from connecting to the server?
> Thanks
> --Kartic

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