Which blog tool

Mark Carter me at privacy.net
Sat Jan 1 08:14:23 EST 2005

I currently use python to automatically summarise a certain newsgroup 
daily, and post the findings that it makes. Someone has suggested that 
they would like a to see a blog of the posts. I wondered if there was a 
python tool/library that could automate the blog postings. Any ideas?

Some details:
* the summaries are basically just text files
* I already have a blog at www.blogger.com 
(http://markcarterturriff.blogspot.com/), so I would like to use that if 
possible; although any alternative free one that I can use to achieve my 
objective would be OK, too.
* I do have my own hosted website, which can use perl but not python; 
but I'd rather use a freebie blog site
* the whole thing must be scriptable, because it will run daily. A GUI 
would therefore likely get in the way.
* generating an RSS feed would be nice

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