is python more popular than coldfusion?

Luis M. Gonzalez luismgz at
Wed Jan 5 23:24:09 EST 2005

> by the way, does anybody want to buy any coldfusion books :)

I have Sam's Teach Yourself Coldfusion by Charles Mohnike, which I
bought in 2001.
By this time I used to think that I was learning rocket science the
easy way, and thinking about learning php or asp was really scary...
these codes looked very complex for my uninitiated eyes.
However, It was good for grasping the logic of interacting with a
database through sql and making my website dynamic.
Soon I realized that finding a cheap CF hosting wasn't easy at all, and
I started to read about php.
Php is also for web development, but it gave me the basic knowledge to
understand programming.
However, I wanted to learn a more general purpose language and I don't
remember how, I landed in pythonland.

Let me tell you that I could learn python basics in just a few hours.
Once I got the interpreter running, I couldn't stop!
Just get one of the many tutorial available on the web and start

If you want to start from zero, I suggest Josh Cogliati's beginner
Another good introduction is A Byte of Python (google this), or any of
the ones quoted in Python's web site.

Learning Python is a good book too (especially the second edition).

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