What YAML engine do you use?

Paul Rubin http
Sat Jan 22 22:25:10 CET 2005

Daniel Bickett <dbickett at gmail.com> writes:
> In my (brief) experience with YAML, it seemed like there were several
> different ways of doing things, and I saw this as one of it's failures
> (since we're all comparing it to XML).

YAML looks to me to be completely insane, even compared to Python
lists.  I think it would be great if the Python library exposed an
interface for parsing constant list and dict expressions, e.g.:

   [1, 2, 'Joe Smith', 8237972883334L,   # comment
      {'Favorite fruits': ['apple', 'banana', 'pear']},  # another comment
      'xyzzy', [3, 5, [3.14159, 2.71828, []]]]

I don't see what YAML accomplishes that something like the above wouldn't.

Note that all the values in the above have to be constant literals.
Don't suggest using eval.  That would be a huge security hole.

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