py.dll for version 2.2.1 (Windows)

John Machin sjmachin at
Fri Jan 28 16:22:32 EST 2005

mike wrote:
> Just recently, my virus checker detected what it called a Trojan
> in the py.dll file in the python22 folder.

Sorry to come on like the Inquisition, but this _might_ be something of
significance to the whole Windows Python community:

When was "just recently"? Which virus checker are you using? Did it say
which Trojan it had detected? Have you kept a copy of the "py.dll"
file? Have you kept a copy of the virus checker's report? Was that the
first time you have run that virus checker? If not when was the
previous run?

>  Installation is version
> 2.2.1 and I think that it came installed when I bought the PC in
> October 2002.
> Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the py.dll file from
> 2.2.1 for Windows (XP) ?
> I looked at and do not see a py.dll file in the
> self-installation or .tgz versions of 2.2.1 that are posted.

That would be because there is no file named "py.dll" in a Windows
distribution of Python! You should have Python22.dll -- they all have
the major/minor version numbers in the name -- and its size should be
about 820Kb.

You may like to keep the evidence (if you still have it) -- move the
presumably bad file into a folder of its own and rename it to have some
extension other than dll -- because targetting a Python installation
would appear to be novel and someone may very well be interested in
inspecting your file.

If you have some good reason to stay with 2.2, then get the _latest_
version of that (2.2.3). Otherwise, install 2.4.


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