Another scripting language implemented into Python itself?

Quest Master zainalam at
Mon Jan 24 18:56:06 EST 2005

I am interested in developing an application where the user has an
ample amount of power to customize the application to their needs, and
I feel this would best be accomplished if a scripting language was
available. However, I want to code this application in Python, and I
have not yet heard of an implementation of another scripting language
into Python.

An example of what I mean is this (an implementation of Lua into Ruby
-- which I'd prefer not to use):

I know C/C++ might be better suited for a task of this kind, but most
of the modules in my application which need speed have already been
coded in C++. I want to use Python as the "glue" for this project;
writing an entire application with a pretty GUI is not fun, as most of
you may know from previous experience.

So, my question is simply this: is there an implementation of another
scripting language into Python?

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