Static executable with shared modules

Rickard Lind rickard.lind at
Fri Jan 14 08:07:57 EST 2005

Is there any way to build the python executable statically and
still be able to load modules built as shared libraries?

I'm trying to run python scripts on a stripped down FreeBSD (4.9)
machine which has no shared system libraries so I want to link it
statically against libc et al, but it would be nice to still be
able to load modules which were built as shared libraries. In
particular I have a library for which I've generated a wrapper
with swig which I'd like to import.

I've googled up and down but can't find anyone who has tried this
particular combination. Just adding a -static to the Makefile
seems to remove the ability to load shared libraries altogether
as I get a "ImportError: Service unavailable" exception.


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