what would you like to see in a 2nd edition Nutshell?

Alex Martelli aleaxit at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 18 16:11:40 EST 2005

kery <kerysso at gmail.com> wrote:
> Any schedule for publication of 2nd Ed? I just bought 1st Ed.

The 2nd edition Python Cookbook appears to be on-track for PyCon (late
March) for the very first ink-on-paper -- probably April in bookstores.

The 2nd edition Python in a Nutshell is more doubtful, being just
started and all that -- OSCON is a possible target, but it's way too
early to say if I'll manage to hit it.

In both cases, the 2nd ed is meant to focus on versions 2.3 and 2.4 of
Python, while the 1st ed covered all versions up to 2.2 included.  So,
if you're still interested in using Python 2.2 or older versions, you
may want to stock up on 1st editions of Cookbook and Nutshell; if you're
only interested in 2.3 and following versions, in the case of the
Cookbook waiting 2-3 months for the 2nd ed may be worth it, while, in
the case of the Nutshell, I would definitely not recommend a far longer
and more uncertain waiting period of 7 months or more.  Moreover, the
changes in the Nutshell will be less than those in the Cookbook were:
the Cookbook has changed way more than 50% of its contents, the Nutshell
will change substantially less (according to current plans: I'll be able
to give more precise information later this year).


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