The Industry choice

Alex Martelli aleaxit at
Fri Jan 7 10:05:08 CET 2005

Paul Rubin <> wrote:

> aleaxit at (Alex Martelli) writes:
> > Yes, apart from libraries and similar cases (frameworks etc), it's no
> > doubt rare for closed-source "end-user packages" to be sold with
> > licenses that include source and allow you to "do anything with it".
> > 
> > However, allowing customization (at least for internal use within the
> > customer organization), while rare, is far from unheard of.
> There's no obstacle to doing that with GPL'd software either.

Absolutely -- as long as you don't redistribute, np.  But Roel was not
asking about GPL, he was asking about closed-source licenses -- whether
any of them "allow using the [[source]] code *at all*" -- and the answer
is that, yes, quite a few do, in specifically constrained ways.


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