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Alex Martelli wrote:

> Alexander Zatvornitskiy
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>>Hello All!
>>I'am novice in python, and I find one very bad thing (from my point of
>>view) in language. There is no keyword or syntax to declare variable, like
>>'var' in
There are zillions of languages -- use another one.
> If Python doesn't fit YOUR brain, for example because your brain is
> ossified around a craving for the declaration of variables, then, unless
> you're specifically studying a new language just for personal growth
> purposes, I think you might well be better off with a language that
> DOES, at least until and unless your brain changes by other means.
> Alex

I think we should all remember that Python isn't for everyone, and least 
of all for those with little knowledge of Python and preconceptions 
about what Python *should* be like.

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