Another scripting language implemented into Python itself?

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Tue Jan 25 03:36:55 EST 2005

Roy Smith wrote:
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>  Quest Master <zainalam at> wrote:
>>I am interested in developing an application where the user has an
>>ample amount of power to customize the application to their needs, and
>>I feel this would best be accomplished if a scripting language was
>>available. However, I want to code this application in Python, and I
>>have not yet heard of an implementation of another scripting language
>>into Python.
>>An example of what I mean is this (an implementation of Lua into Ruby
>>-- which I'd prefer not to use):
>>I know C/C++ might be better suited for a task of this kind, but most
>>of the modules in my application which need speed have already been
>>coded in C++. I want to use Python as the "glue" for this project;
>>writing an entire application with a pretty GUI is not fun, as most of
>>you may know from previous experience.
>>So, my question is simply this: is there an implementation of another
>>scripting language into Python?
> Python *is* a scripting language.  Why not just let your users write 
> Python modules which you them import and execute via some defined API?

There are examples of XML used for application configuration and in 
template systems, I don't know how much power you intend to give your 
users, but if it boils down to simple display logic and some small 
'macro' calls to a predefined API, you could make some kind of tagged 
language for that implementing basic flowcontroll functionality, 
allowing function calling and definition.

You could look at wxWidgets/wxPython's XRC format, which are a XML 
tagged  format that are used to customize layout of wx forms.

But I don't think there are a implemented any fully usable scripting 
languages like that in Python. But it should not be to much work if you 
don't need many functions.

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