use a file as a database, access rights

Torsten Mohr tmohr at
Sun Jan 9 11:37:58 EST 2005


sorry for being unclear and thanks for your answers.

Yes, i'd like to use a flat-file database AND access rights.
One way i thought of would be to handle the access rights
in the script that i write.  But to let some other module
handle it would also be great.  If for example i could embed
some SQL database and tell it to store all its tables in
ONE FILE it would be quite easy to do.

I want to write that application cross-platform, at least
Win32 AND Linux.

Best regards,

> Torsten,
> Please explain the environment you are planning to use - Operating
> System, whether you have full control of the machine that runs the
> database, how many users?.
> If you are using Windows and if your needs are simple, you can use
> Access as it has some simple access control that  can be setup.
> Also, the part about "database would store all its data in a file" is
> not very clear. Are you wanting to use a flat-file database and also
> have security implemented in it?  If you are on linux/*BSD machine,
> consider using a real database.
> Fine access control can be implemented in your application (e.g. only
> the creator of a record and his/her superiors can edit it, all others
> view it)
> Please send more details to receive useful recommendations.
> Thanks,
> --Kartic

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